My Journey To Happiness

Oh my god that was the best run I’ve ever done, I’m on such a high! According to Nike+, I ran 6.03 miles in 01:07:33 so I’m really proud of myself, I’ve not covered that distance in about 3 years!

The route was so beautiful, I ran a long fields, rivers, roads, mansions and even a castle. I saw my best friend’s parents on the way and they were so supportive, bless them.

It was pretty cold and when I got to the park in town, I ran past these old ladies and they said to each other ‘oooh she makes me cold but look at her go’ and that was so sweet. I rang my Mum on the way back to tell her I wasn’t dead, I was only supposed to be out for half an hour and I was talking away to her for about 15 minutes and then she asked where I was sat and I was like ‘I’m not.. I’m running back..’ and she was so surprised because I wasn’t out of breath and said I was magnificent and aw I felt so much love.

There were a lot of hills but it was a relatively smooth run apart from on the way back when I was about 2.5 miles from home and my left foot went completely numb and I kept stopping to loosen and redo my laces about 3 times and I was wiggling my toes but they were still numb and I was thinking shit, the circulation’s gone, I’m going to end up having it amputated. But after 10 minutes or so it sorted itself out and I kept going and picked up the pace and managed to get home without having to crawl which I thought I was going to have to do.

I’m always so surprised when I reach these kind of milestones how much my body is capable of. I shouldn’t abuse it with binging, restricting and alcohol but I do and my body is still able perform after everything I’ve thrown at it and I just think that’s incredible. I was born to be strong not thin.

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